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Join the 58,768 first responders
already using BART
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The best teams communicate well
and communicate often



Maximise situation visibility for all response team members


Know who’s responding, arrival time, role and skill set


Enjoy seamless communication between all team members

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Seamless Communication

  • Single touch incident response
  • Share media, maps and information
  • Connect with neighbouring groups and agencies

Location Services

  • Watch incident response progress
  • Keep track of assets
  • Find resources quickly and easily

Reports & Logging

  • Automatic report generation
  • Records responders, appliances, locations, times & all communication

What our Members are Saying

We put the lights and sirens on to get to an incident faster and more safely. In the same vein, if you put the thumbs up/ down ‘lights’ on within the BART Team app you can indicate to the team with what you’re doing. This provides Response Coordinators with highly visible data, allowing them to make the most appropriate near real-time decisions.


Hopefully they are smart enough to back you guys and keep it free for us volunteers because this is one of the greatest apps since apps began. We swear by it as a brigade and have even spread the word to other brigades and now they are on it! It’s amazing


Great app, we’ve found it extremely beneficial and it’s an excellent compliment (enhancement) to our paging system. Congratulations.


Awesome app (and idea). Well done, saves me from carting around a pager.


I’ve just come across the Station Platform which looks great! …Keep up the great work!


…I have to say I think it’s fantastic.


It seems logical that the pagers and sms could be phased out and BART replace them.
BARTs best features are the ability to control capcodes on a brigade and individual volunteer level selecting what’s important to the brigade and individual.


We have just responded 6 vehicles to large fire and BART has been fantastic. It’s the first time we have had such a large response to test how things are working.

I was able to tell our Region that we had 2 vehicles on scene and more mobile just by looking at BART.

BART User, Firefighter

BART has definitely been great for the Brigade and I know that our captain loves the fact she can now see who is attending in real time and also the ability to send out messages to the Brigade members when she needs to.

BART User, Firefighter

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