About the BART Roadshow

Join Jan as he travels around Australia to meet new and existing BART members. Kicking off in BART’s hometown of Melbourne Victoria, Jan will make his way around the country in the ‘BARTmobile’.

Jan will be talking at events hosted by you guys, to discuss topics that will help you get the most out of BART.

  • Are you using BART to its full benefit?
  • Are there areas of the system that confuse you?
  • Are there things that annoy you?

He’ll be meeting as many of you as he possibly can, so if you’re interested in hosting an event make sure you register your interest in the form below.

We’ll also be running a Roadshow competition, so keep your eyes peeled!

Do you want to host an event?

Events can be hosted by any brigade, group or unit who is currently using BART. All we ask is that you encourage neighboring emergency groups to attend the event, so that they can see and experience the benefits that BART has to offer.

Topics can include:

  • Utilising the BART Team app features
  • The best Dashboard setups at your headquarters
  • How to get less tech-savvy members onboard with BART Team
  • System support (ie. What to do if you need technical help)
  • Overview of BART modules (BART Team app, Dashboard, Turnout, RAMP)
  • Feedback and discussions

Register your Interest

Get in quick to secure your visit, by registering your interest in the form below: