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Why have all my messages disappeared?2016-07-19T03:58:13+10:00

The chances are you have accidentally un-ticked your brigade, unit or group in the ‘Groups’ screen within the BART app.
Check to make sure there’s a blue tick against the name of your brigade, unit or group that you wish to see messages for.

Can I download the app directly to my phone?2016-11-16T23:48:26+11:00

Yes – if you’re using an Android device, you can download the BART app directly to your phone or tablet using the following link:


To download the previous version, follow this link:


You may be required to enable the installation of apps from ‘unknown sources’ first:

Step 1 – Go to Settings.
Step 2 – Go to Security.
Step 3 – Scroll down and check “Unknown sources” box.
Step 4 – Tap ‘OK” when it show the warning.

Help – I cannot see any incidences2016-04-22T06:25:48+10:00
  1.  In the smartphone app, go into the ‘Groups’ area and make sure that you have at least one group ticked
  2. Alternatively, please ensure that your BART subscription hasn’t expired
I how do I stop members from completing an incident?2016-04-22T06:24:22+10:00

Administrators are able to set whether individual members are able to complete incidents or not through the ‘BART Members’ area.

How do I change the location of the incident if it’s not correct?2016-04-22T06:23:13+10:00

If you hold the incident location icon down within the smartphone app, you will be able to move it around to the correct location.

BART Message parameters2016-11-16T23:48:26+11:00
  1. ALERT: start with the word “ALERT”.
  2. Incident Reference REF:
    [Reference Number] Eg: REF:F123456789
  3. Map Coordinates:
    1. LATLNG:[latitude],[longitude] eg: LATLNG: -37.8633788,145.2227037
    2. LAT:[latitude] eg: LAT: -37.8633788  or
    3. LNG:[longitude]  eg: LNG: 145.2227037
  4. Address: (the address can be passed instead of the map coordinates in which BART will Geo-locate the address)
    1. Address:[Address] Eg: Address:420 Burwood Hwy, Wantina South, VIC
    2. Addr:[Address] Eg: Addr:420 Burwood Hwy, Wantina South, VIC
  5. Attachments can be added to the BART message
Can I restore a deleted member?2016-11-16T23:48:26+11:00

You can restore a deleted member through the ‘BART Members’ area.

  1. Select ‘USERS’ from the main menu
  2. Click the ‘ADD NEW / FIND EXISTING’ button
  3. Enter the email address or mobile number of the member you wish to restore and click ‘SEARCH’
  4. You will see a message appear:
    User YOUR_MEMBER has been deleted. Do you wish to restore them in your group?
  5. Click ‘RESTORE USER’
  6. Update the member’s details in the normal ‘User Maintenance’ screen
  7. Click ‘SAVE’
How do I join the BART support forum?2016-02-01T01:19:19+11:00

You can access the BART support forums here.

Before participating in the forums, you will first need to register.

For successful registration for the BART forum, you will need to ensure that all fields marked with an asterisk have been filled and the ‘recapture’ is correct.

Can I bypass the ‘Print Dialog box’ in the Station platform?2016-01-29T00:58:27+11:00

Yes, you can bypass the print dialog box when ‘Auto-print’ is enabled by using Google Chrome. For a quick guide on how to set up the workaround, please click here

How do I enable sponsorship for my group?2016-11-16T23:48:26+11:00

Only administrators can enable sponsorship for your group.

1. Log into the ‘BART Members’ areahttps://bartapp.com.au/bartwebsite/administration/Login/Live_Feed_Login.aspx





Navigate to the ‘ADMINISTRATION > GROUPS’ item in the main menu



3. Edit the group that you would like to enable sponsorship for



4. Tick the check box for ‘Allow Sponsorship’


Once you have enabled sponsorship for your group, a sponsorship payment can be made by following this link:


Why can’t I see any messages when I look at the ‘Quick View’ or the ‘List View’?2016-01-28T23:37:14+11:00

You may have deactivated your BART Group.
To make sure have an active group set up on BART, open up the application and tap on the menu icon (top left) then select ‘Group’.

If you can see a blue arrow next to your group name, it is active.
If you can’t see any arrows, then it means you don’t have any active groups and you’ll need to tap on the group name to make sure it’s active.

What can I expect in the latest BART app update?2016-01-28T23:21:16+11:00

The latest version of the BART application has been released on Tuesday the 17th of November. The update includes a range of new and improved features, which you can read about here:

Latest Release Information

What is the OTHER (yellow tab) used for?2016-01-28T23:22:28+11:00

The ‘Other’ Yellow Tab option has been added to BART, which lets the individual brigades/units/branches stipulate what they want it to mean.  Some brigades/units/branches use it to mean ‘Acknowledge’, ‘I’m available if you ring me’ or ‘I’m going direct’.

Can I register appliances in the BART system?2016-11-16T23:48:26+11:00

Many brigades and units have registered appliances as members within the BART system, including tankers, rescue vehicles, aerial and transport.  When the appliance leaves the station they press OTHER (Yellow tab) on the Appliance Smart device, thus letting everyone know that the appliance has left the Station. Pressing the OTHER tab sets the time from the station to the incident.

Do I still have to carry my Pager if I use BART?2016-11-16T23:48:26+11:00

YES. If your brigade, unit or branch use the paging system, then your pager should remain to be your primary alerting tool. BART should be viewed as a complementary tool to be used as a backup or supplement to your existing alerting system.


Who can register me as a BART member in my brigade/Unit/Branch?2016-11-16T23:48:26+11:00

If the Brigade/Unit/Branch DOES EXIST then your BART Administrator can register you without going through the BART Team. If the Brigade/Unit/Branch DOES NOT EXIST, then the first person is registered by the BART Team.

How do I benefit from BART if I do not have a smart phone?2016-01-28T23:29:43+11:00

You can use the BART system, even if you don’t have a current smartphone. By signing up to BART, your system administrator can register you to receive emails or SMS’s. Your login details can also be used to access the Web Application (system management) and the Station Platform.

What is the Station Platform?2016-11-16T23:48:26+11:00

The Station Platform is a web-based version of the BART application, which can be used at your station or control centre for situational awareness.

The Station Platform can read out the message and produce a hard copy map. Any existing BART member can access the Station Platform from home or work, using their existing smartphone app login details. It can be used, even if you do not have a smartphone.


How can I send Messages through the Smartphone app?2016-01-28T23:30:42+11:00

BART Administrators have the ability to send messages to specific BART Cap-codes. The activation of the sending of messages is done by the BART Team (at this stage). Please send a request to the BART team activate the sending of messages for a BART Administrator.

How can we add hydrant data to the BART map?2016-11-16T23:48:26+11:00

There are two ways:

(1) request from your Water Board an excel spread sheet with the hydrant data as well as the Latitude and longitude location. Send the file to us and we will upload the hydrant data for you.

(2) The BART administrator can enter the hydrant data manually using the MARKERS tab and selecting hydrants.

Can I change the Station/Unit/Branch location in BART?2016-11-16T23:48:26+11:00

Your BART administrator can change the location in the BART Web Application using the ‘MARKERS’ tab.

How do I access the ‘BART Members’ area?2016-01-28T23:33:02+11:00

Select the ‘Members’ Menu Button at the top right hand corner of this page or follow this link and use your BART login details.

How do I access the station platform?2016-11-16T23:48:26+11:00

Select the ‘Station Platform’ menu button at the top right hand corner of this page or follow this link and use your BART login details.

Can I be part of multiple groups?2016-01-28T23:34:08+11:00

Registered members may be included within multiple BART groups. Please contact your BART Administrator or use the ‘Send Join Request’ facility in the ‘System Management’ application.

How long does it take for my registration to process?2016-01-28T23:34:42+11:00

To maintain a high level of security, BART registrations are not processed automatically. Processing can take between 1-4 business days.

During the signup process, we request a copy of your most recent pager message to verify whether or not you should have access to the required Capcode.

How do I become a BART administrator?2016-01-28T23:35:23+11:00

If your brigade or unit doesn’t currently have an administrator, please register your details here.
If your brigade or unit does already have an administrator, make a request to them directly to change your permissions through System Administration.

Why are different members in the ‘Attendees List’ colored black, red and green?2016-01-28T23:35:47+11:00

The colour of members’ names in the ‘Attendees List’ directly relates to their availability, as set in the ‘Members Roster’:

Black – Not set
Red – Unavailable
Green –Available

Why are my push notifications arriving hours late?2016-06-24T02:39:45+10:00

BART push notifications require an internet connection. If you have ‘Mobile Data’ turned off on your phone, you may not receive your push notification until you step into wifi range.

Alternatively, if you are using an Android device you can download an app that fixes Push Notifications:

It’s an app for Android phones that are experiencing a delay in push notifications to force the phone to check the mobile data and wifi connections more regularly (called a heartbeat).

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