Coming Release of BART – February 2016

With the Australian summer now in full swing, we’ve experienced bush fires, flooding and everything in between.

In the coming weeks the BART system will offer a bunch of new features and improvements – here’s a sample of what you can expect:

  1. Radio Streaming

    “I’d love to see the CFA work in and include streaming of the digital radio network directly into the BART App, as quite often I will either listen on my way or listen if I can’t make it”

    After receiving a request from a committed volunteer and BART member, we prompted our development team to develop this new feature for the smartphone, tablet and smartwatch applications.

    Members can select their desired public safety radio feed, and then it’s set up ready to go each time the BART app’s opened – at the tap of a button.

    This feature is available for any state in Australia that has radio streaming.



  3. Message Sending

    BART administrators have full control over who can (and can’t) send BART messages.











  5. Message Attachments

    Send and receive BART messages with file attachments. ie. pdf, docx, jpg, png, mp3, mp4


  6. Email to Message

    BART Messages can now be sent directly from email, which can include attachments.

    If you have message sending privileges, you can use your BART-registered email account to send messages to your elected cap-code.

    The captain at ‘The Brigade’ can send an email like the one shown in the example, which will then feed into the BART system. The cap-code in this example is ‘B-TBRGDE’ so the email is addressed to ‘[email protected]


    In addition to the file attachments, you can assign a map and location to the message by including either the address or lat/long coordinates.

    For example:

    LAT/LNG: -37.8571783, 145.2335184
    ADDR: 420 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna South, VIC







  8. Assign your status via Push Notification

    You will be able to press ‘accept, decline or other’ through the Push Notification screen – without having to open up the app.

    This will be done in preparation for assigning statuses using a smartwatch.



  10. Correct your Location

    You will be able to adjust the location of an incident (if required) straight from the BART smartphone application.



  12. Improved Location Identification

    If your brigade or unit falls within the 54/55 corridor of the state, we have introduced two sets of UTM Grid Zone coordinates to improve location identification. If you are in this 54/55 corridor, please contact us for more information: [email protected]



  14. Attendance bar

    We have included an Attendance indicator bar below the three Attend, Decline and Other buttons, for a quick view as to the status of responses to the incident.

  15. Complete Incident

    BART administrators will be able to determine who can (and can’t) close incidents.


  17. Close a Team

    Teams can only be closed by the BART Administrator or the team’s creator.


  19. Restore Deleted Members

    You will be able to restore deleted members if you have ‘administrator’ permissions within the ‘BART Members’ area.


  21. Split Messages

    For South Australian BART members, your split messages can now be displayed as one within the system.


  23. Android Tablet

    In conjunction with vehicle tracking, the Android tablet has been upgraded with the latest features.