BART Release – April 2016

  1. Intro Screen

    When logging into the app you will be given the choice to load your preferred broadcast view – ‘List View’ or ‘Quick View’.



  3. Availability

    We’ve made a number of improvements to make setting your availability a whole lot easier:

    • The layout has been simplified
    • We’ve put AM/PM on the same screen
    • A calendar pops up when you tap on the date at the bottom of the screen
    • Member availability can be viewed with qualification filter



  5. List View

    You’ll find a brand new ‘quick messaging’ button, which will allow you to instantly:

    • Create a new broadcast (if you have permissions)
    • Create new teams and associate people
    • Create a discussion message



  7. Attachments

    You can now attach documents and other media to discussions or broadcasts from outside the app (like from emails or cloud drives). Your broadcasts and discussions will display a large icon to tell you the type of file attached.


  9. Messaging

    To stop the confusion between sending a broadcast message and a discussion message, we have changed the menu item from ‘Send Message’ to ‘Send Broadcast’.


  11. Teams

    You can now access team discussions, straight from the teams section.

    Messages can be allocated to teams right from the ‘List View’.


  13. Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue with ‘complete incident’ permissions
    • Fixed issue with ‘change map location’ permissions