We’ve just released a BART smartphone app update, and there’s some REALLY cool new features.


Interface Updates


Quick View

The ‘Quick View’ screen now highlights the accident type, as well as the location. When an alert comes through, the group name background changes from dark grey to red.

We’ve also added total numbers of each attendance status to help with super quick incident assessment.

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List View


The ‘List View’ also displays the message type, as well as a long description of the incident.

Dropdown options next to each incident allow users to allocate the message to a team or mark the message as being ‘complete’. This is only available to members with adequate permissions.

Extra options allow you to share your location, enable tracking, start streaming, set your current status, hide completed messages and refresh the page.

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New Features


Set Availability

When tapping the ‘Extra Options’ icon and setting your current status, you’re now able to set your status along with a set period of time.

Choose between hours or days, set a number value and you’re done.

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Attendance Information


Selecting the attendance information icon from a message will now show you a range of additional data. In addition to the standard list of qualifications for each member, along with their estimated time of arrival to headquarters, you’re also provided with a total number of members available and a total number of those who are attending.

We’ve also provided a total for key qualifications, to make sure you have enough people with the required skill sets attending.

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