Station Platform Overhaul

Now named the ‘Dashboard’, we’ve updated the interface and have added all the amazing functionality that you can find on the regular BART smartphone app.

To give you an overview of the updated system, we’ve put together this ‘cheatsheet’. Click on the image below for a larger view:


Featured Highlights

New Interface

  • We’ve isolated the location and incident details for quick viewing
  • You can view all team member statuses
  • Option to ‘Show next 20 messages’ for indefinite incident scrolling

New display options

  • Display only incidents
  • Display only active incidents
  • Hide complete incidents – perfect for those times during a large event when you have lots of incidents cued up)
  • Pause auto refresh of incidents – helpful when changing the settings on an incident

Attendance and availability

  • Set the attendance status or availability for other members in your team
  • View the availability of all members at any time

Team management and interaction

  • Create new messages and discussions
  • Manage multiple teams

BOM Radar

  • Show or hide the radar
  • Select and save your radar location