Sep 23, 2019

  • Implemented Critical alerts – need to enable in BART settings to activate.
  • Add Specific Notification sounds for Discussion.
  • Add Specific Notification sounds for District Broadcasts.
  • Add Toggle to turn on/off District Notifications.
  • District managers can now view District Events.


Aug 19, 2019

  • Fixed Quick Options on Listview


May, 2019

  • Non-incidents can now use crew builder


May, 2019

  • Fix iphone 4S issues
  • Fix qualification filtering not displaying correctly
  • When viewing event Responses, availability status now checks event start time


February, 2019

  • Fix availability start of week scroll
  • Fix Notifications on upgrade (signing)
  • Fix search text when change location
  • Fix getting member details on iPad & in Event


February, 2019

  • Updated Attendee list / Enhanced crew builder
  • Added ‘alerts when silent’ setting – iOS
  • Add ability to approve/deny group member requests
  • added ability to sign up on login page
  • added setting to show district by default
  • Fixed profile display bug
  • Added device specific authentication
  • Added remote updates of API keys
  • Event calendar now starts on monday, highlights current display
  • Fix Filter
  • Fix Android Tracking status bar
  • Region List defaults to user’s default region.
  • District Attendees view no longer displays attend buttons
  • Fix Change profile not updating profile pic – Android
  • Untick first broadcast tag when selecting another in send notification
  • Region view now max 40 messages
  • Clear cache Data when changing profile
  • Hide attend buttons when select region incident – tablets
  • Show quals when assigned to appliance
  • Dial no. fixed in crew builder

Version 5.1.5

February, 2019

  • Fixed adding event to own calendar for non admin
  • Fixed static map custom marker error
  • Added Incident Ref to Message List
  • Updated discussion view
  • Fixed Streaming issues on some devices
  • General Fixes and Enhancements

Version 5.1.4

  • Fixed availability grid touch
  • Fixed Availability members’ order
  • Fixed some formatting on message list
  • Updated Broadcustify Radio Stream links to web browser to meet their terms
  • Added compatibility for our own BART Radio Stream service
  • Changed static maps to Mapbox.

Version 5.1.3

  • Updated Map API
  • Fixed adding event to own calendar for non admin
  • Fixed static map custom marker error
  •  Added Incident Ref to Message List
  • Updated discussion view
  • Fixed Streaming issues on some devices
  • General Fixes and Enhancements

Version 5.1.2

  • Fixed availability grid touch
  • General Fixes and Enhancements

Version 5.1.1

  • General Fixes and enhancements

Version 5.1

  • Crew Builder – Can now assign Crew Leader and Driver.
  • Option to choose 12/24hour time
  • Option to auto track when attending an Alert
  • Added own location info to map (grid reference / lat/lng etc)
  • Option to set Default ETA
  • Continuously Updates ETA when attend Tracking is enabled
  • General improvements and fixes

Version 5.0.3

  • Fixed Radio Feed
  • Fixed Event Attendances where sometimes it was not showing correct people
  • Now shows last Appliance status on iPad when selecting between incidents
  • Fixed crashing when taking camera picture
  • Event list by default now shows the next event at top
  • Attendance buttons now shows which button was last selected by greying out others

Version 5.0.0

New Events facility:
  • View your events in a calendar or list view
  • Create and edit events
  • Event details come up as an attachment when broadcast
  • New Bottom Nav bar for quick selection to Messages, Availability, Discussions & Events
  • Improved Crew Builder UI for Apple devices
  • Improved tracking on Apple tablets
  • General improvements and Fixes

Version 4.8.4

  • Declined members no longer show at the bottom.
  • Can now easily swap between logged in users via profiles.
  • New Regional view for region admins

Version 4.8.3

  • Fixed Issue with iOS7 Only.

Version 4.8.2

  • Improved vehicle tracking by radius.
  • Can now add a location to broadcasts that don’t already have one.
  • Can no longer set attendance status to completed broadcasts.
  • Added back map link in side menu.
  • General Interface Fixes and improvements.

Version 4.8

  • Quick link to discussions with Unread counts.
  • New Attachment library – create folders and save attachments from messages into folders for quick retrieval.
  • New discussion and logging feature on incidents.
  • New ‘Crew Builder’ – add crews to your appliances.
  • Quick message forwarding feature – re-send messaging to other recipients.
  • New large Appliance status buttons; including advanced status for RAMP.
  • Displays all custom markers and polygons created in RAMP.

Version 4.7

  • Can now set availability from a form view.
  • Fixed issue with selecting tone not saving.

Version 4.6.9

  • General Fixes

Version 4.6.5

  • Set availability rapidly for the next selection of hours or days.
  • Can now hide completed messages.
  • Improved attendees screen.

Version 4.6.4

  • Bug Fixes

Version 4.6.2

  • Improvements to availability, team management and messaging

Version 4.6

  • Enabled attachments for messages – uploading and viewing.
  • Displays who completed incident.
  • Added Radio Feed.
  • General Fixes.

Version 4.5.3

  • Fixed iPad issue that some people were experiencing.

Version 4.5.2

  • General Improvements & Fixes

Version 4.5.1

  • Added silent notification tone setting.
  • General fixes
  • No longer asks for your ‘location always’ permission.

Version 4.5

  • New vehicle tracking and status updates
  • Mark message as complete
  • Map preview on larger devices
  • Scroll between messages using Quick View
  • UI improvements

Version 4.2

  • Enhanced Rostering
  • Create and Manage Teams
  • Set List-view as home page
  • Enhanced discussions (chat)
  • Share images and locations

Version 4.1

  • User-Defined Notification Tones
  • Ability to send Messages from the App (If user privileges allow)
  • Can now choose which group to send Chat messages to.
  • New ‘Directions’ button to provide turn-by-turn directions.
  • Ability to test push-notifications in settings screen.

Version 4.0.8

  • Optimised for iOS 8 & iPhone 6

Version 4.0.2

  • Bug Fixes