The pricing for an annual BART subscription has changed, as of the 23rd of February 2017.

Now you will only need to pay for the members that you need, with the option to add additional licenses or transfer existing licenses further down the track when required.

We believe this new structure is not only fairer, but more affordable.

Type Members Annual Fee*
Individual 1 $30 / individual
Group 1-75 $150 Base price for 10 members
+ $20 per additional member
(capped at $1110)
Multi-group 76 + $15 / member

*All fees are in Australian dollars and charged annually. Prices include GST

Under the new subscription structure, the Observer and Vehicle membership types are now charged at the same pricing as active members. For more information on these membership types, please click here



If a group has 23 members, the price will be:

$150 (Base price for 10 members) + additional 13 members @ $20 each
Total annual fee – $410 inc GST


How do I Subscribe?

If you have been trialing BART and are ready to sign up, please visit the BART ‘Purchase’ page and select your subscription type.

If you haven’t yet registered for BART membership, please Register Here


What do I get for my subscription?

Full access & ongoing development

  • Regular Updates
  • Access to other BART member brigades, units and groups throughout Australia
  • Practical and exciting new features specific to your community activities
  • Continued access to the BART app (for smartphones and tablet devices), members area, station platform, regional platform and any future addition to the BART family
  • Ongoing developments and enhancements to each of the BART modules


  • Fast, accurate responses to support requests
  • Fast turn-around of bug fixes
  • Additional emergency support during the event of a major emergency
  • Continued access to the BART discussion forum, which offers a direct line to our support officers and development team


  • A fully administered & continually monitored system
  • Hosted in a secure cloud environment within an Australian data centre
  • Strategic redundant data feeds
  • 100% commitment