Devices: Smartphone and tablets
Apple, Android

‘BART Team’ is your primary communication tool for use at home, work, or out in the field. The inbuilt functionality has been added to make it easy for you to view incidents and interact with your team, regardless of location.

Emergency management teams, search and rescue units, fire brigades, mapping crews, response teams, community monitoring and assistance crews, can all benefit from the advanced team co-operation features offered through the mobile application.


BART caters for all types of information feeds; public and private. Broadcasts can include:

  • Road hazards
  • Current Weather and forecasts
  • Flood maps
  • Disaster zones
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Hurricane evacuation routes
  • Bush (forest) Fire warnings
  • Storm reports

Radio Streaming

Stream a live public safety audio feed from your smartphone app, tablet or smartwatch – available for any state in Australia that has radio streaming.

Real-time member attendance logging allows team members to view the incident attendance status of all other individuals in the group.

View and record:

  • All attendees
  • ETA to headquarters
  • Member qualifications

Read more about incident attendance here

View the qualifications of all attending team members to eliminate skills shortages.


Individuals can choose to turn tracking on and off through the app interface.


BART administrators can set up new users as ‘appliances’.

When logging into your smartphone or tablet as an appliance, you will see a customised interface purposely designed for tracking. When used correctly, offices and managers will have a real time overview of where the appliance is, and the incident response stage it’s currently at.

Read more about creating new individual and appliance accounts

Tap on the map for a range of mapping options

  • Current location routing to headquarters or incident
  • Show all current incidents
  • View vehicles on assignment (within a 50km radius)
  • Set tracking options (up to 20km radius and 60 min timeout)
  • View water points and other selected resources

Particularly useful for those with appliances registered within BART, the crew builder allows you to assign specific members to an appliance for each incident.

  • Add and remove members from appliances
  • Build teams according to qualifications and location

Within the BART Team app, you can attach logged comments, locations and images to each incident.

Once an incident has been ‘completed’ a report is automatically generated and emailed to the assigned BART administrator.

Find out how here

Teams have been created to allow for fast, targeted selection and deployment of members. You can add members or incidents to a new or existing team, straight from the app.

Members can set their projected availability, giving management teams the opportunity to foresee possible shortfalls in personnel and act accordingly.

Read more about rostering and availability

Allows local communication within groups without having to use an external communication network.

Send and receive BART messages with file attachments. ie. pdf, docx, jpg, png, mp3, mp4

Information is shared through multiple channels simultaneously.


Messages can be sent directly from email, which can include attachments.

Learn how to send and receive messages using email

Assign status via Push Notification

You can press ‘accept, decline or other’ through the Push Notification screen – without having to open up the app.

Operating in real-time, this timer clearly displays the time that has elapsed since the incident or alert was first released
Utilising geo-location, users are able to see the ETA of other members to their LHQ (local headquarters).
Information from the Bureau of Meteorology, allows for the display of Radar and RSS feed information within BART.
Utilising Polylines, Multiple routing options are available that can provide routing between a user’s current location to the Incident location, Local Headquarters (LHQ) or to an incident via LHQ.

How do I set it up?

  1. You first need to download and install the BART Team App for your device.
  2. You then need to register through the website before you can log into your account.

Need Help?

Need help using the BART smartphone app? Read the documentation here

What do I need?

To use the BART Team app, you will need either a Smartphone or Tablet.
The following operating systems are required as a minimum:

Apple (download on the App Store now)

  • Apple iPhone 5 (iOS version 10)
  • Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation (iOS version 10)
  • Apple iPad 4th Generation (iOS version 10)

Android (download on Google Play now)

  • Android smartphones – KitKat (version 4.4)
  • Android tablets – KitKat (version 4.4)